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maandag 19 juni 2017

Zionist Extremism

June 18, 2017

Dear stan,
The rift between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas appears to be widening. As usual, it is the people of Gaza who will bear the brunt of the consequences of the dispute. Meanwhile, the Netanyahu government is trying to get the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinians in the Near East (UNRWA) dismantled ostensibly because Mr. Netanyahu cares so much for the Palestinians and he is of the belief that the agency “perpetuates” the Palestinians’ problems and doesn’t solve them. This makes sense since Israel has the best interest of the Palestinians at heart.  
In the last week there were all sorts of conferences and panel discussions in which Zionism and Israel were discussed almost exclusively by Jewish Zionists.  Here is a contemplative piece on the damage done by chronically “unbalanced” panels.
It’s somewhat encouraging that a room on Capitol Hill was filled to capacity for a Palestinian student’s description of what it is like to grow up under occupation. The author of this essay argues that the Palestinian minority inside Israel is indispensable in bringing about a just conclusion to the conflict and please don’t miss Phil Weiss’ reactions to the Israel he observed on his recent trip to the region.
Thanks for reading,

Scott Roth
Publisher, Mondoweiss

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