DAMASCUS, SYRIA (5: 30 P.M.) –  US aircraft shot down an Iranian-made drone near al-Tanf border crossing, 2 days after the US coalition gunned down a Syrian SU-22 bomber southwest of Raqqa.
According to a CNN reporter, a US F-16 fighter jet shot down an Iranian-made drone – type Shahed 129 – near al-Tanf. According to the reporter, the drone was armed and posed a threat to the US forces stationed the area.
On June 8, the US-backed  Maghawir al-Thawara fighters shot down an Iranian-made drone while flying over a newly-established US garrison near al-Tanf.
First on CNN: US F-15 shot down a 2nd Iranian made drone near At Tanf, Syria Monday. Armed drone was assessed to pose a threat to US forces